House Structure

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We promote independent living in a structured family environment.

Our structured environment includes, but is not exclusive to the following:

  • Pay weekly fees on time

    • $160/week standard

    • $175/week single room

  • 1 weekly bible discussion (optional)

  • 1 weekly house meeting

  • 3 weekly self help groups/support groups or daily if not working full time

  • 2 weekly drug compliance testing, as well as random tests and breathalizing

  • 1 monthly life skills night

If a woman is not working, she will need to volunteer (according to her abilities), be attending school, participating in a program, or an agreed upon productive activity. This is to encourage women to be active and productive. 

Each member is responsible to keep bedroom neat and clean, clean up after herself, and complete house chores.

Each recovery agreement will be tailored to the individual woman’s needs.  

House standards are to ensure the safety and cohesive behaviors of everyone in the house.