Life Skills: Amanda Houk

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Anne Kelty of doTERRA Essential Oils of Winthrop will be sharing the benefits of Qigong for Addiction Recovery.  The purpose of this technique is to align awareness, breath, and movement.  We are very excited that Anne will take time from her practice as a wellness coach to educate us on another tool for our toolbox.

September's Events

Presenter:  Anne Kelty 

Amanda Houk will be presenting at our Life Skills night this month.  She is a warrior for the Lord.  One of her ministries is visiting local women who are lost and don't understand the love of Christ.  She and other women share unconditional love, encouragement, and listens to the women's needs. She is active in the Maplewood Baptist Church on Salem Street in Malden where her husband Matthew is the Director of Student and Family Ministries.