Finished the addiction recovery coach training classes that I’ve been taking tonight (along with some other amazing women) and I highly recommend anyone interested in taking the course or learning more about how to become a recovery coach and helping those with alcohol or substance abuse - reach out to Ruth's Way  [💜] She was seriously amazing and all the classes were awesome, I’m so glad I did it and can now use this knowledge to help others [🥰] - Leanne

My coach was a tremendous help.  She empowered me by helping me to look within. For the first time in years I was making my own decisions.  I choose my pathway of recovery from abuse, neglect, and self doubt.  Through this coaching experience I realized that I am not a victim but a survivor.  My healing process has helped me to end a nine year co-dependent relationship. - Denise

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Thank you Ruth's Way for helping me to understand the pain and suffering that my brother has gone through as an alcoholic.  I always knew that he was a good man making bad choices.  Now I understand why he didn't act like one.  The Addiction and Recovery classes helped me to be more empathetic. Joe

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to take this course. I was so blessed, to be a part of this class, with so many wonderful women, who I will miss seeing on my screen. I’m so grateful for the time we shared, and all that I was able to take from this great course.
If your looking for a recovery coach class, I’d recommend this course. You can reach out to Ruth’s way for For Women.  I’ve appreciated taking this course with you so much! - Priscilla 


Wow, my coach helped me to recognize that there is a better way to live than just being sober. I thought that being sober and recovery was the same, but it is not.  She encouraged me to go at my own pace.  I never thought that having a coach would be worth my time but I am now the best version of me that  I have ever been.  Thank you very much! - Tony

"When my daughter relapsed we did not know what to do.  We had been through this process so many times and thought that she would never recover from years of alcohol and drug abuse.  We were so happy that she chose Ruth's Way for Women because of their structure and accountability.  They helped to teach her to be responsible again.  Because of the support and encouragement that she received there she is now becoming the woman that we once knew she could be.  She is part of our family again, is back in school, working part time, and is very active in her recovery.  Thank you for all that you do ladies." - M    

"When I relapsed at the beginning of the year, Ruth’s Way was mentioned to me from a mutual friend. I continued to drink and ultimately lost a wonderful job, my apartment, and damaged family relationships in my life in such a short amount of time. After ultimately hitting bottom and seeking treatment, Ruth’s Way came back into my mindset and I made the call. Through the grace of God, a bed was available and I moved in a few weeks later. I set forth on what has been an incredible journey back into sobriety. Ruth’s Way paved a foundation in my life and has given me a safe place to rebuild while providing structure, accountability, and stability; all essential components that help me maintain my sobriety. Since first arriving last summer, I have established an amazing job, reconnected with my family, received my license and car back, and built a lifestyle centered around recovery. The house feels like a family and Nicole has been an incredible role model and source of support for me, encouraging me to take all of those right steps. My faith in God has strengthened and I truly believe He led me to Ruth’s Way to build the life I deserve." - Jess

These are some of the thank you notes which our women at Ruth's Way wrote for the supporters.