Our dedicated coaches assist individuals in navigating recovery support systems and accessing resources. We support participants as they build recovery capital.  Coaches encourage individuals to build on their strengths and to focus on solutions.  Our person centered, strength-based approach assists participants in reaching their goals by finding solutions that influence positive thoughts and healthy attitudes to influence healthy behaviors.  Positive changes happen by increasing understanding of self, learning to apply tools, and taking ownership of our health and wellness. 

Request for Recovery/wellness Coaching Services

Ruth's Way for Women's trainings and life skills classes are designed to advance awareness and knowledge of those who hope to gain a better understanding of addiction and recovery.  Through our interactive classes, participants learn to develop the skills and tools to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Our classes provide a foundation in prevention, intervention, and post treatment skills to assist those suffering from substance use disorder. 

Our curriculum can be designed to suit the needs of the individual group or organization.  To schedule a training please call 857-361-9913 or email ruthswayforwomen@gmail.com.  Once you register you can click on the DONATE button to make payment.

Classes & trainings

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Application for Sober living

To apply for sober housing please email or fax our application, medications list, and bio-psyc-social with contact information.  Our email address is ruthswayforwomen@gmail.com and fax # 857-816-3241.  Once the information is received an interview will be scheduled.